C h l o e    S m i t h 

I photograph because I love to capture moments in time; all the golden goodness, happiness and all the magic that life presents us with.

I am a freelance photographer living between Northern Country Victoria and Melbourne, recently graduating from the Photography Studies College in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Photography, majoring in Commercial Photography. A keen bean for adventure and being outdoors, I often get around in my 1973 VW Kombi, Bonnie, spending most days outside in the sun, on the road or in the water with my camera.

Inspired by bright colours and bubbly happiness, I strive to capture moments that are wonder-full and to share with others how I see the world in all it's colourful beauty. Being someone who is a lover of flamingo pinks, turquoise blues, and sunshine yellows, anything can capture my eye and send my creative heart into a spin. I love shooting outdoors with natural lighting and playing with the sunshine to create imagery with a warm, colourful and joyful vibe.

Enjoy the little things with love. 

Fashion : Lifestyle : Events : Weddings : Children : Pets

Photo credit: Amanda Penrose

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